November 5 th Luncheon & CLE

Tuesday, November 05, 2013 (11:45 AM - 3:15 PM)

General Information

The following information is a brief overview of the Albuquerque Bar Association's upcoming monthly event!

Albuquerque Bar Association Luncheon & CLE – November 5, 2013

The Albuquerque Bar Association's Membership Luncheon will be held Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 12:00 noon at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 1000 Woodward Place NE.

"The State of the Federal Court System: The District of New Mexico and Elsewhere" 

Presenter: Judge James O. Browning
United States District Judge, District of New Mexico

Judge Browning will speak about the state of the federal courts in our nation, to include a specific emphasis on the District of New Mexico. 

Judge James O Browning is a United States District Court Judge for the District of New Mexico. President George W. Bush appointed Judge Browning in August of 2003. In February 2011, the Chief Justice appointed Judge Browning to the Dodd-Frank Study Working Group, which produced the Administrative Office of the Court’s report required under Dodd-Frank. Judge Browning served as chairman of that working group in 2012-2013. The New Mexico Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates named Judge Browning the Outstanding Federal Jurist for 2009 and for 2013. Judge Browning was the Albuquerque Bar Association’s 2011 Outstanding Judge. Judge Browning was appointed to the Thirty-Third Judicial Council of the Tenth Circuit as a Judicial Council Member, and will serve on the Magistrate Judge Committee, from October 2013 through September 2015.

Please join us following the lunch for a CLE program

"Contract Drafting and Interpretation under New Mexico Law"

presented by

Nathalie Martin & Fred Heart
UNM School of Law

2.0 General CLE
1:15 pm to 3:15 pm


This CLE will offer tips on contract interpretation and drafting under New Mexico law, highlighting New Mexico cases dealing with issues such as the parol evidence rule and the obligations of good faith and fair dealing, and then discussing how one goes about interpreting and avoiding ambiguities in common types of contracts. 

Nathalie Martin joined the UNM law faculty in 1998. Her research focuses on consumer law and bankruptcy, as well as elder law. Most recently, she has studied predatory lending products such as payday loans and title loans, as well as products and services offered to the elderly. Her projects include several empirical studies funded by the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, including one that funded curbside interviews of payday loan customers and an ongoing study of the credit habits of undocumented New Mexicans.  The author of several books and dozens of law review articles, she holds what is thought to be the only endowed chair in the country dedicated to consumer law issues.

Fred Hart contributes an expertise in contracts and commercial law to the UNM law faculty, but he is best known throughout the law school community for his role in shaping the school during his 37 years on the faculty, including two terms as dean.Shortly after arriving at the law school, he was asked to start up a pre-law summer program aimed at increasing the enrollment of Native American law students. The Pre-law Summer Institute has become the most successful program of its kind in the country.As dean, from 1971-1979 and 1985-1986, he worked to bring in a more diverse student body, increasing the number of women law students. Under his leadership, a smaller student-faculty ratio was attained and the law-school experience became more amicable than adversarial, a distinction that remains unique to the UNM law school

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LUNCH ONLY:  $30 members/$40 non-members with reservation; $5 additional at door
LUNCH & CLE:  $90 members/$120 non-members with reservation; $5 additional at door
CLE ONLY:  $60 members/$80 non-members

Please register for lunch by noon on Friday, November 1, 2013 

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4. By mail to P.O. Box 40, Albuquerque, NM 87103